NakedNotebook.net began as an “online notebook” (the word “blog” just sounds so clunky!) featuring spontaneous and minimally edited writing like that found in the Friday Freewrite.  (That is why it’s “naked” – get it?) Some posts are transcribed directly from the pages of Jennifer’s wide-ruled spiral notebooks that she buys on sale for 70 cents and dutifully scrawls in before bed each night or upon arising in the morning (or, on a particularly good day, both). Other posts she has worked a little harder on – you decide which is which.  Frequent topics are death, grammar, and the acute, often annoying, and occasionally elegant act of living.


Jennifer lives in northern California, where she undertakes too many projects and then habitually sets them all aside to write. When she does, personal essays, articles, short stories, and poetry result, some of which have been published in the 2013 issues of the Santa Fe Literary Review and Blood and Thunder journal, in The Hot Air Quarterly, and in Trajectory journal. Jennifer was also featured in Hair Pieces, the 2008 anthology of Sonoma County Writing Practice. She has written articles for the Valley Post newspaper and North State Parent magazine. She blogs at www.NakedNotebook.net.

You can read more about Jennifer at her website, www.jenniferphelpswrites.com.

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Featured on Nailed Magazine – Deathwish

Nailed Magazine is rich with raw, edgy, breathtaking art and writing.  I’m honored to find myself in such superb company.  Below is a short excerpt…click the “read more” link to visit the site and readJennifer Phelps on Nailed the entire (short) piece:

By the time I arrive, my mother’s body is already cooling in the bed, transitioning from animate to inanimate.  Her forehead is now the temperature of window glass on a late spring morning.  Read more on Nailed….

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