First Friday Freewrite #61: “In dreams…”

Welcome to the First Friday Freewrite! 

If you’re a newcomer, here’s the deal: I’m a writer, and I’ve found that I desperately need accountability.  Regular writing exercises help me keep my writing fresh, keep me honest and – most importantly – keep my pen moving.  Join me, and post your response to this month’s writing prompt in the comments.  It’ll be fun!  See below for details…

Here’s how it works: I post a “JUMP LINE,” a short phrase that will serve aFirst-Friday-Freewrites a writing prompt, each first Friday of the month.

YOU put pen to paper and write. (I’ll do it, too, of course.)  Don’t think.  Don’t cross out.  (That is wise advice borrowed from Natalie Goldberg in Wild Mind.)  Just start with the prompt and see where it takes you.

Then POST YOUR RESPONSE as a comment.  (Just click the comment bubble  to the right of the Friday Freewrite post title above to leave a reply.)

Today’s jump line:  “In dreams…”

Happy Writing!


9 thoughts on “First Friday Freewrite #61: “In dreams…”

  1. …I am always me…first person. I cannot fly, and I am never a detached observer, never able to stand back and watch myself. There can be, it seems, no respite from this incessant “me-ness,” no reprieve. Awake, I stare at the mirror and I’m me. Asleep, still me, I cover the same emotional territory like a plough working the same plot of land again and again, entrenched as I am in this place of self, intently watching the furrows deepen in the supple, forgiving earth.

  2. in dreams…. bombs don’t drop, illness doesn’t devour, anger doesn’t destroy and flags don’t fly. In dreams… I create and sustain and develop and encourage.
    In dreams… I am known and cared for.
    In dreams… I know and care.
    In dreams… I don’t wake up
    In dreams… I run.
    In dreams…

      • Yeah…probably just try to write stream-of-conscious stuff and allow a few of the characters mulling around in my head a chance to speak in the spotlight. I wanted to call my non-blog the Naked Piece of Paper….but I figured you would know my inspiration….and yes, loose application of the word inspiration.

  3. . . . you are there. I dreamed of you a couple nights ago. Of your wife. I was held close by you and smelled you: your shirt, your skin. But later it seemed that smell was my husband’s. I think of you. My body remembers you. Your skin, your eyes and hair. There is something I miss even now that I haven’t seen you in what? Twenty years? I don’t know if I will ever be completely free of you, over you. Maybe I don’t want to be.

  4. You’re welcome! It was fun. I confess, though, that I actually did this exercise in two ninety-second blocks. It didn’t seem like I had written very much after the first attempt, so I kept going. Next time I’m going to try typing it instead of writing longhand . . . I type MUCH faster than I write. 🙂

    • Hi, Amy – That’s perfect! I actually scrapped the 90-second rule a while ago because it seemed like it was getting in peoples’ way. I though it would help people by making things finite, but it didn’t seem to, so anything goes now! If the time limit helps, then by all means use it. If not, fuhgeddaboutit!

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