Preserving the Moment – Wig Shopping

Recently, my penchant for capturing the everyday moments in life – the mundane as well as the profound – in my writing has been richly rewarded.  An essay of mine, Wig Shopping, was selected for publication in Blood and Thunder, a “medical arts” journal published by the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.  I am honored and grateful that this piece was chosen and am sharing an excerpt of it here.  The entire piece is available to read on my website,

Wig Shopping

Published in Blood and Thunder 2013 ~ reprinted with permission

I drive while Mom rides in the passenger seat beside me. She looks smaller than usual Blood and Thundertoday and less sure, her slender body like a finely tuned instrument measuring all the effects of the newly begun chemotherapy. Impeccably dressed as always, she is statuesque in cleanly pressed, stylish white slacks and an expensive-looking black jacket. Keeping up appearances is important to her, but even her ankles look afraid in those tall, impractical high-heeled shoes she insists on wearing. Her shoulder-length blonde hair, which will most likely fall out from the chemo, is intact for now and displayed almost reverently, a solemn reminder of what is soon to be lost. When I look at it, I take a mental snapshot to treasure in the months to come.

I made the four-hour drive from Redding to Santa Rosa on Friday afternoon to support Mom through her first cycle of chemo. Having prepared myself for every possible combination of vomiting, fatigue, lassitude, and her stubborn and sometimes hostile brand of self-preservation, I was surprised and pleased to find my mother feeling relatively well on my arrival, about 24 hours after her first infusion. She is a highly sensitive person and talked about her keen awareness of the cytotoxic chemicals at work in her body, but we also chatted about my job and family, took a walk through her old, upscale neighborhood, and even went out for a pizza dinner. Because it was Halloween night, we retired early from the party atmosphere that was building outside on the street. We curled up on a couch in the darkened house sipping Diet Cokes, watching I Love Lucy DVDs, and hiding from the throngs of trick-or-treaters.

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