Friday Freewrite #36 – “No matter what…”


Welcome back to the Friday Freewrite!

Here’s how it works:

  • I post a “JUMP LINE,” a short phrase that will serve as a writing prompt, each Friday.
  • YOU put pen to paper and write for 90 seconds. (I’ll do it, too, of course.)  Don’t think.  Don’t cross out.  (That is wise advise borrowed from Natalie Goldberg in Wild Mind.)  Just start with the prompt and see where it takes you.
  • Then POST YOUR RESPONSE as a comment.  (Just click the comment bubble  to the right of the post title to leave a reply.)

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Today’s jump line:  No matter what…

See the comments below the post for responses.

Note to Writers Forum members in good standing: The newsletter editor will be perusing Friday Freewrite responses to publish in the newsletter.  If you DO NOT want your response printed, kindly indicate this in the comments.  We are happy to respect your wishes.  Happy writing!


6 thoughts on “Friday Freewrite #36 – “No matter what…”

  1. …I write every day, face the page and put down something true. It doesn’t have to be profound, or even particularly well written, although it’s satisfying when I think my words come out that way. But it’s more important to keep at it, making space for whatever might come.

  2. “No matter what ….” ….I do, no matter how careful I am, no matter how many bibs I wear, I still get tomato sauce on my shirt.

  3. No matter what I love my sons. Brian and Conor, twelve years apart, named after Irish kings. When their father became violent in our long marriage he alienated my sons. Brian an orthopedic surgeon in Pittsburgh PA and I are now close. No one was closer than my sons and I and I live with the legacy that they saw their father beat me and lost respect for me entirely. I never talked about it and my professional colleagues gave me their house keys out of an unspoken fear. I haven’t lived with Conor in six years because of a corrupt family court system that cares about revolving cases that churn their income….Reunification is my prayer….minute by minute

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