Friday Freewrite #9 – “I cannot help…”

Friday-FreewriteWelcome back to the Friday Freewrite!

Here’s how it works:

  • I post a “JUMP LINE,” a short phrase that will serve as a writing prompt, each Friday.
  • YOU put pen to paper and write for 90 seconds. (I’ll do it, too, of course.)  Don’t think.  Don’t cross out.  (That is wise advise borrowed from Natalie Goldberg in Wild Mind.)  Just start with the prompt and see where it takes you.
  • Then POST YOUR RESPONSE as a comment.  (Just click the comment bubble  to the right of the post title to leave a reply.)

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Today’s jump line:  I cannot help

See the comments below the post for responses.

Note to Writers Forum members in good standing: The newsletter editor will be perusing Friday Freewrite responses to publish in the newsletter.  If you DO NOT want your response printed, kindly indicate this in the comments.  We are happy to respect your wishes.  Happy writing!


6 thoughts on “Friday Freewrite #9 – “I cannot help…”

  1. “I cannot help” but wonder – why does it rain? Do the clouds become too heavy to hold back their load any longer, and it all just spills over? The more they drop, then, the lighter they will become. The neat thing is, only when they’ve shed their burden can green things grow.

  2. Today’s jump line: I cannot help… “those that don’t want help. I cannot force my will on anybody. They may look like they ‘need’ help, I may think they ‘need’ help, but until they ‘ask’ for help, I will keep my mouth shut and my thoughts to myself (no matter how great they are, I must remember that unsolicited advice ends up in the trash can).

  3. …anyone if I do not help myself first. I’m learning that I am useless without a little self care, which is not, in fact, selfish but rather a kind and generous practice that ensures there is enough of me to go around when needed. This represents a shift in perception on my part – necessary shift.

  4. I cannot help, but think how simple life would be without all the technological stresses of today. The freedoms that come with a simple life, although the work may be hard it is rewarding and wholesome. Oh, how I yearn for such a time where less is more and life is sweeter.

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