Friday Freewrite #6 – “Next time, I will…”

Friday-FreewriteWelcome back to the Friday Freewrite!

Here’s how it works:

  • I post a “JUMP LINE,” a short phrase that will serve as a writing prompt, each Friday.
  • YOU put pen to paper and write for 90 seconds. (I’ll do it, too, of course.)  Don’t think.  Don’t cross out.  (That is wise advise borrowed from Natalie Goldberg in Wild Mind.)  Just start with the prompt and see where it takes you.
  • Then POST YOUR RESPONSE as a comment.

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Today’s jump line:  Next time, I will

See the comments below the post for responses.

Note to Writers Forum members in good standing: The newsletter editor will be perusing Friday Freewrite responses to publish in the newsletter.  If you DO NOT want your response printed, kindly indicate this in the comments.  We are happy to respect your wishes.  Happy writing!


5 thoughts on “Friday Freewrite #6 – “Next time, I will…”

  1. “next time, I will…” … definitely remember to clean out the kitty litter before I leave for the day. Nothing like coming home to “smells like…???” on a hot day. ‘Course, it would help if the big kitty could get his butt inside the over-sized box. But that is why I have paper spread in the front.

  2. …remember to speak slowly, to not let my mouth get ahead of my mind. Why am I so damned excitable, anyway? Even a good word, when chosen in haste, can be the wrong one. Can damage, rend, limit. Even myself I limit in this way with my very thoughts.

  3. I will make a smaller to do at the close of the stress level will not be so ntense,,i will not have too high expectations of myself..i will enjoy each moment as it occurs..instead of rushing thru to scratch one more thing off my list..

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