Staying on Target

The blog is becoming self-aware.  The other day, as I opened my notebook to write, there is was: the thought that I was writing for an audience.  “Many readers liked ‘Being Staying On TargetMindful,’ I thought to myself.  “I should write more Zen-like blog entries.”  Or, the “Dead Mother Posts,” as I so irreverently refer to them, “have really sparked a connection in people.  I should write more of them.”

The truth is, of course, that deliberately writing any kind of post is counter to the intent of the Naked Notebook.  This online notebook is promised to contain honest writing: raw, spontaneous, minimally edited.  How can it be any of those things when I’m thinking about writing posts on a given topic, trying to write posts people will like?

When I find myself sitting down to “write a post about” anything, I must be immediately skeptical of my motives.  I must remember the reason why I started the blog: to share my honest writing, to connect.  How can I accomplish my goal if I’m trying to be anything except me?

Any condition, any topic, filters that inner consciousness, the part of me that knows what I want to say, the part that doesn’t need to raise its voice to be heard.  The truth is a straight arrow.


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